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A comprehensive system of medical care that combines our modern understanding of health and disease with traditional natural healing techniques. Naturopathic Medicine seeks the underlying cause of disease and determines a course of therapy specifically designed for each patient's needs. Seek support for specific concerns like anxiety, insomnia, stress or general overall health and wellness.

Treatments that may be included or recommended:

  • Homeopathy
  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Colon Hydrotherapy
  • Constitutional Therapy
  • Immunity Rituals
  • Peat Baths
  • Naturopathic Therapeutic Massage
  • Craniosacral/Somatic Emotional Release/Visceral Manipulation
  • Lifestyle/Exercise Recommendations
  • Basic, Functional and Diagnostic Testing

60 min $150 In-person or telehealth | ND Package 3 visits $400
Supplement review 30 min $75

We all want to boost our immune system and feel great while doing it. Self-care is important whether you feel stressed or not. Dr. Pa complied a series of Naturopathic techniques, that not only feel amazing but have proven immune boosting benefits and encourage emotional and physical healing by releasing stagnant energy.
Your ritual begins with the application of a soothing, warm castor oil pack on the abdomen to calm digestion, increase relaxation and decrease inflammation. Organic Helichrysum essential oil will be placed on past wounds with scar tissue. While the castor oil pack is absorbing, you'll experience a foot reflexology session followed by a detoxifying abdominal massage to help correct the flow of nerve energy to the entire body. Next craniosacral therapy and traction will relieve compression in the neck and spine, soothe pain and help release both emotional and physical stress. Your ritual will conclude with a gentle, full body dry brush using an organic detox essential oil to promote lymphatic drainage. The dry brush and castor oil pack ($30 value) are yours to keep continuing self-care at home.
75 min $195 | 90 min $235

Colonic Irrigation is a gentle internal bath using a professional machine to deep cleanse the colon of toxins, gas and accumulated waste matter. During a colonic, warm filtered water is gently infused into the colon while your therapist uses special massage techniques to stimulate the release of stored matter. Client modesty is always preserved. No fasting or special measures are necessary prior to a treatment. Dr. Pa may advise beneficial dietary changes to further enhance the treatment results. Cleansing the colon on a regular basis helps your body re-establish balance and may help to relieve a variety of disturbances, including - chronic fatigue, skin disturbances, headaches, irritability, depression, lethargy, halitosis, insomnia, allergies, colds and flu's distended abdomen, excessive gas, constipation, chronic diarrhea, and other digestive disturbances. 
60 min $95

Gentle pressure assessment, balancing of abdominal organs and their attachments to other body parts to promote flow, healing from emotional and physical trauma/imbalances with common complaints of bloating, indigestion, constipation, GI pain and many more.
60 min $135 | 75 min $155 | 90 min $175 

A rehabilitative therapy that gently moves the lymph, calms the nervous system, reduces swelling from sprains and muscle injury, relieves headaches, rosacea, puffy eyes, post- surgical edema and more.
30 min $95 | 45 min $130 | 60 min $145 | 75 min $165 | 90 min $185   
consecutive treatments are ideal

Craniosacral therapy (CST) is a gentle, deeply relaxing hands-on treatment that can provide relief from a variety of symptoms including headaches and neck pain, and can strengthen resistance to a wide range of medical and pain-related issues. CST works with your energy to release blockages to support healing in and around the central nervous system.
30 min $90 | 45 min $125 | 60 min $140 | 75 min $160 | 90 min $180   

A therapeutic process combined with Craniosacral therapy to help release past traumas stored in the body that can contribute to physical and emotional pain.
30 min $90 | 45 min $125 | 60 min $140 | 75 min $160 | 90 min $180