Contraindications Information

Contraindications for Organic Body Rituals & Curative Baths:

If you have any illnesses or are pregnant, consult your physician before using balneotherapy (spa therapy). Hot baths can strain the circulatory system and should never be used by those with cardiac conditions or diabetes. Never bathe if you have a fever. Algae (seaweed) and marine salts contain high levels of iodine. Check with your physician if you have thyroid gland disorders. Refrain from bathing while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 

    Contraindications for Infrared PEMF Mat:

    General precautions:
    Do not use liniments, salves or ointments that contain heat producing ingredients.
    Do not use alcohol when using mat.

    If any of the following conditions apply, please consult with your medical doctor before using:
    Cardiovascular conditions, hypertension, heart disease
    Metal body implants – generally reflect infrared rays, consult with doctor prior to using
    Vascular disease, deep vein thrombosis, or multiple sclerosis – generally adverse to heat therapy, consult  with doctor prior to using.
    Thyroid conditions – PEMF can possibly stimulate thyroid function, consult with doctor prior to using
    Recent surgery
    Sensitivity to heat

    PEMF is not suitable for:
    Those who are pregnant
    Those who have pacemakers, insulin pumps or electric implants


    All information on this page is current as of 4/20/2023