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  Celebrating the timeless essence of European traditions to emphasize deep pore cleansing, gentle exfoliation and hydration featuring Fusion's Triple Exfoliation™ and customized organic masks for your individual needs.  A relaxing shoulder, neck and foot massage surround the experience.
45 min $95 | 60 min $120 | 75 min $135 | 90 min $185 + one enhancement

Chose your own to enhance the Signature Fusion Facial or your esthetician can decide for you. $45 

LED LIGHT THERAPY · blemish control, rosacea, collagen renewal
ORGANIC AHA/ENZYME PEEL · pro age, sun damage, blemishes
ORGANIC LIP & EYE MASK · hydrate, smooth, depuff

Recommended by your esthetician after an initial facial. Encouraged 1-2 times per week for 6 weeks. You remain fully dressed and there is no additional massage.
Choose from Gua Sha, LED light therapy, high frequency, lymphatic detox massage, microcurrent/radio frequency, or extractions. 
30 min $70

This Pro-Age and blemish treatment uses Alpha Hydroxy Acids from organic fruits to reveal fresh, healthy skin in a single session. Includes manual and ultrasonic extractions and high frequency for blemish control. A relaxing hand massage completes the experience. 
45 min Level 1 $110 | Level 2 $120 | Level 3 $130


Carefully curated facials combining timeless skin rituals, holistic remedies and modern expertise. Experience exceptional results, pure relaxation and the best pro-age enhancements; microcurrent/radio frequency toning, LED light therapy, Gua Sha crystal massage and lymphatic detox massage.
60 min $180 | 75 min $195 | 90 min $215

PRO·AGE     lift · defy
Stimulate collagen production to tone and firm through this holistic alternative to invasive anti-aging procedures featuring an organic AHA peel and our best triple action toning; radio frequency, microcurrent, LED light therapy, and botanical LIFT mask (90 min) delivering results in one visit. A relaxing shoulder, neck and foot massage surround each experience.
75 min | 90 min

HYDRA CALM     refresh · soothe
An ultra-hydrating facial to replenish the effects of extreme moisture loss and soothe environmental damage featuring an incredible aromatic sensory experience, gentle enzyme peel, calming LED therapy alongside the double hydrating eye and botanical LIFT mask (90 min). A relaxing shoulder, neck and foot massage surround each experience.
60 min | 75 min | 90 min

ASIAN FUSION     gua sha · lymph detox
Not your traditional facial – Gua Sha crystal and lymphatic detox massage is incredibly relaxing, rejuvenating, and meditative. Boosts the skins circulation, tones muscle, decreases dark circles and helps purge impurities that lead to blemishes.  The experience is surrounded by a rose quartz mask and a  detoxifying foot massage. Does not include extractions. Alternate with the Purity Ritual for best holistic results.
60 min | 75 min | 90 min 

PURITY     clear · smooth
Enjoy clearer, smooth skin featuring a level 2 organic pomegranate cherry AHA peel, deep pore cleansing (extractions) paired with high frequency to address visible blemishes and clarifying LED light therapy to help treat acne's internal causes.  Alternate with the Asian Fusion for the best holistic results. A relaxing shoulder, neck and foot massage surround each experience.
60 min | 75 min

REVIVE     stimulate · renew
Your skin’s vitality is instantly restored and visibly smoother featuring a potent blend of Mayan chocolate and black cherry extract, organic lactic acid, and LED light therapy. A relaxing shoulder, neck and foot massage surround each experience.
60 min | 75 min | 90 min 

SERENITY   rejuvenate · restore
Head to toe stress relief begins with a Himalayan foot soak. A 25 min. European facial massage and gentle exfoliation, eases eye strain and headaches. A 25 min. Indian Champi scalp massage followed by a 25 min. Asian foot massage will completely rejuvenate you.
This service is performed by a dual license esthetician/massage therapist
90 min