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Luxurious, multi-sensory experiences using exceptional ingredients and pure scents. Delivered with techniques from the world's ancient healing traditions. A profoundly meditative and purifying journey.

A ritual of detoxification, rich scent and warm radiance based on the practices of the Turkish bath house.
This eight-part treatment begins with a body scrub using a decadent blend of coffee, lemon and olives. The journey continues with a private steam and refreshing rain shower using Moroccan mint silt wash for a purifying cleanse. A body wrap of rich rhassoul clay will be painted on your skin detoxifying the body while a tension relieving scalp and facial massage is performed. A private soak in a neroli cypress bath will deeply soothe your muscles. You'll be recharged with a quince and orange blossom hydrating mist. A 60 minute warming Turkish massage using the curative essences of cardamom, jasmine, bergamot, amber and clove will relieve muscle tension. A full body application of tangerine and fig body butter will leave you supremely nourished.
150 min. $350

A ritual to purify, boost immunity and restore balance based on Ayurvedic holistic traditions. 
This eight-part ritual begins with a soft dry brush and body polish infused with our signature Sattva scent; pink grapefruit, juniper, cypress and geranium to exfoliate the skin. A private hot-cold rain shower with steam follows. A 45 minute massage using warm Sattva body elixir will restore harmony. Soak in an herbal detox curative bath rich in seaweed containing 13 nourishing varieties sourced from all over the world, pure herbs and soothing oat protein. Finish with a lymphatic detox massage to stimulate detoxification.
90 min $210 | 120 min $280 | 150 min $350

A gentle dry brushing and body polish with Sattva body polish infused with pink grapefruit, juniper, cypress and geranium followed by a eucalyptus steam shower and a purifying seaweed wrap containing 13 nourishing varieties sourced from all over the world while receiving foot reflexology.
60 min $140 | 75 min $175

A soothing body polish and steam shower with a 30 minute massage using our ultra-rich cranberry body cream - leaves skin supremely hydrated.
60 min $140

Strengthen immunity, restore balance and diminish colds with a 30 minute lymphatic massage, a Sattva herbal detox bath and eucalyptus steam shower.
60 min $140

Water cures have been used for centuries to soothe, renew, de-stress and detoxify. Inspired by these time-honored traditions, our Curative Baths and Steam combine intensely pure and organic ingredients to create an extraordinary healing experience. 
Choose the Curative Bath and Steam suited to your body's needs.

30 min Massage with 30 min Curative Bath $140
45 min Massage with 30 min Curative Bath $160
60 min Massage with 30 min Curative Bath $180

This Ayurvedic bath and steam alkalizes and purifies the body, relieves joint pain and alleviates fatigue. 
Begin with a mustard bath featuring organic mustard seed, eucalyptus, rosemary, wintergreen and thyme followed by a hot/cold rain shower with eucalyptus steam to enhance circulation and eliminate toxins. 

A purifying bath to renew energy, soothes colds, increases metabolism and eases muscle aches.
A rosemary steam shower prepares the body to soak in an organic sea kelp and soothing oat protein bath infused with pink grapefruit, juniper, cypress and geranium.

ORGANIC CBD BATH TEA    coming soon!
Sink into a state of relaxation with our aromatic CBD bath and steam to soothe the nervous system, nourish the skin, ease muscle aches and tension.
Featuring lavender, Moroccan rose, jasmine, boswellia serrata extract, epsom salt, himalayan sea salt and whole plant CBD - surrounded by anti-anxiety Blue Dream steam and scrub.

* Please refer to our Contraindications Page prior to booking an Organic Body Ritual service.